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Rotational Moulding

A versatile plastic forming process, offering unlimited opportunities to the designer. Mouldings, simple, complex, small and large, are produced in one piece, free from induced stress.


The immediate benefits of the process are a relatively uniform wall thickness throughout the moulding and secondly the hollow moulding will have design and structural values difficult or impossible to achieve by other methods such as blow-mouldings.

Technology, tooling and finishing makes rotational moulding the first choice for hollow moulding with advanced benefits. Low cost, short lead times, high specification design features, little or no finishing are all within the advantages of rotational moulding. Extra strength, sound deadening and insulation properties are gained with foam filling. Castors, handles, hinges, labels, locks and many other items can be moulded in.



Medical Applications
Material Handling
Off Road Vehicles

Marine Industry
Garden Products
Industrial Cleaning
Educational Aids

Water Tanks
Fuel Tanks

Materials used in Rotational Moulding

  • Polyethlene
  • Cross-link
  • DSQ
  • Polyproplene
  • PVC
  • Nylon

Plastic Mouldings