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About Us

Plastic Mouldings Ltd. has been a leader in the plastic moulding industry for almost 50 years. Our processes include Dip Moulding, Vacuum Forming, Rotational Moulding, Dip Coating, Slush Moulding and Rotational Moulding.       Plastic Mouldings

Small Dip Mouldings     We are located 35 miles south west of Glasgow in the town of Irvine and have been at our present site since we started trading in 1963. Initially we offered only dip moulding but the demand for other low cost tooling processes from our customers has enabled us to diversify and offer vacuum forming, rotational moulding slush mouldings, plastic casting and dip coating.

We utilise a tailored ERP system to ensure maximum efficiency at the enquiry, order entry, manufacturing, despatch and invoicing stages.

Medium Dip Mouldings      


Plastic Mouldings